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Customization, or individualization, is a megatrend shaping present-day society. It is leading to ever clearer differentiation of life philosophies, consumer behavior and self-presentation. Driven by the technological transformation of the media, the megatrend of customization is no longer restricted to the industrial nations, but has meanwhile taken hold worldwide – particularly in the emerging economies.



We predict that direct patient interactions will dominate healthcare infrastructure in the coming years.


The infrastructure must accordingly enable ordinary people to successfully monitor the status of their health and to manage follow-up care from the healthcare system.  This health measurement will take place where they live and where they work.


Our ONEdir technology solutions and healthcare platforms aid providers like you in extending your services to patients. With personalized guidance, intuitive decision-making tools and live, on-demand information to ease your patient anxiety.


Everything from medical record systems, telehealth systems, imaging and diagnostics to gathering and optimizing data metrics and analytics.




ONEdir HealthCare Group believes in empowering healthcare providers and organizations. We believe it's not just what you do, it's WHY you do it that really matters.


This WHY has motivated us to launch our white label ONEdir CLINICS systems in 2015. Our solutions are here to aid our clientele to derive an incredible value of starting or expanding their practice base while reducing their operational costs. Simply stated, our goal is to enhance the BRAND value of our providers, healthcare systems, and corporations who believe in providing superior care options to the end users.






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The Scene

With over a decade of research in healthcare practice and leadership has been put towards the development of ONEdir HealthCare Solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio of customized and sustainable healthcare systems, we are more than ready to aid your operations growth. ONEdir solutions enable healthcare systems and providers in starting or expanding your operational footprint, quickly and efficiently.


ReEngineering HealthCare Delivery Systems

ONEdir HealthCare is a rapidly growing group of products and services that are involved in bringing about the next generation solutions in health care. Increasing productivity through continuous innovation and systematic application of healthcare delivery systems. At ONEdir, we are working hard for your success, enhancing the way people experience care in healing.

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