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ONEdir CLINICS is the result of a continuous study and research in consumer and provider behaviors. Our studies developed and tested concepts in several nations and various socio-economic communities in developed and developing economies. Based on these studies, we developed ONEdir CLINICS. Our research involved consumer behavior in traditional care practices accompanied with/without technology in health and mHealth solutions.


Duration of our research has been for a period of 5 years involving over 500,000 individuals who have sought and received care for various ailments; in-person and through technology interventions.


ONEdir HealthCare solutions are based on Frugal Innovations - a mentality that puts patients and their families in the forefront of receiving meaningful healthcare and offers good returns on the investments. Our aim is to provide excellence in health care delivery, tailored to location and specialist needs.


Here are some ways ONEdir can be applied:


  • Integrated Practice Units

  • Lower Costs of Healthcare

  • Provide Value-Based Care

  • Increase Care Access

  • Expand Practice

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