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At ONEdir, we combine science and design principles to create practice-centric solutions. Our research and workspace knowledge align with product development and space utilization to help improve performance and maximize return on investment.

ONEdir HealthCare is a Texas Corporation and is a rapidly growing group of products and services that are involved in bringing about the next generation solutions in health care and changing the way people experiencing care for their health.


As innovators in the health care, ONEdir HealthCare is led by its visionary team and world-renowned health care providers and technology partners, who are recognized as leaders in the health care arena. Our global perspective informs everything we do. International scientists and designers come together to share best practices and trends - representing more global locations than any other healthcare facilities manufacturer.




Our mission is to transform how people shop and pay for their healthcare. Every occurrence in health need is different, sometimes people need to see doctors in person and sometimes the use of technology can address and meet crucial care requirements and save precious time and costs. ONEdir CLINICS is this smart bridge between traditional practices in medicine with that of the future. 


By combining complex technologies and smart infrastructure we bring a combined value for physicians and providers to start or extend their services in diverse geographies, including regions that have little or no access to healthcare. Our unique solutions make ONEdir CLINICS a pioneer in providing cutting edge healthcare delivery systems that are both cost and time saving.


Think of us as a PLUG-IN and PRACTICE solutions - with proven HIGH ROI.

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